Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Geography Up Close

Written by Ms. Humphreys

To Wrap-up the 5th grade Social Studies Unit on Geography, 5A and 5B worked on a 3 person group project labeling and identifying States, Capitals, Physical Features and other cities, mountains, lakes, and rivers located in 1 of 5 regions in the US. Each map also had to include a Compass Rose and a Legend. The 5 Regions are: The Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the West. The students spent 2 days working on the life-size maps in the Hall. All students worked cooperatively and had a lot of fun. The maps are now hanging proudly on the walls of the 5th grade corridor.  I would like to also note that Mrs. Connolly was very instrumental  in helping me put together the project.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pre-K in the Computer Lab

Written by Ms. Kucevich

In the last month, the Pre-K students at St. Pius X Regional School have come a very long way
with technology. Pre-K students visit Ms. Kucevich in the Computer Lab one day each week.
They have begun their school year working on a website called Starfall. On this website, they have the opportunity to individually interact in a fun and exciting way with all of the letters of the alphabet. Each week in their Pre-K classroom, they have a “letter of the week” that they learn about all throughout the week. In the Computer Lab, Ms. Kucevich and the students always focus on that one letter as a whole group and then the children have the ability to choose from the other alphabet letters during the rest of their class time. This allows them the freedom of choice and helps them to be enticed to continue working. Each child has a menu of all letters and as they finish working on a letter, it is highlighted so that the children can see which letters they have already chosen to work with from week to week.

One of the most exciting things Ms. Kucevich has seen in the Computer Lab this school year is
how far the Pre-K students have come with their computer mouse manipulation skills. So many
of the students have gone from being unsure of how to use the computer mouse correctly to
really having good control over it in the matter of only 4 class sessions. The children are proud
of themselves and Ms. Kucevich is proud of them, too. They are a great group of Pre-K
students and they really enjoy learning. They have a lot more in store to learn about on the

computers in the coming months!

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Shelley Pickering

Time at SPX:  This is my 13th year teaching at St. Pius X.
I was a Small Group Teach in Kindergarten (KB “on the hill”) for 5 years before Pre-K.

Children:  I have 4 daughters that all went to St. Pius.  Mandy, age 25, teaches 2nd grade.  Lauren, age 24, teaches 1st grade.  Jackie, age 20 and Danielle, age 18, are both in college.

Favorite Team: Washington Redskins!

Weekend Free Time: I like to spend time with husband, Gary, and my family.  We especially like going to the beach.

Disney Movie:  Frozen.  There is nothing like a bond between sisters.

SPX Activity: Passion Play! I love the longstanding tradition of the Passion Play at SPX.  I have helped the 8th graders perform this for 12 years now.

Pet: We have a Springer Spaniel named Alfie.  He is a police dog that goes to work with my husband every day.  He is trained to sniff out explosions.

Dunk or Not:  Chocolate chips cookies and my favorite, but I do NOT dunk.

What Catholic Saint inspires you the most, and why?
The saint that inspires me the most is St. Lawrence.  After dedicating his life to the poor, he was burned to death on a grill over hot coals.  Not only was he able to keep his joyful love of God, he was able to keep his sense of humor.  During his slow and painful persecution, he called out to his executioners, “This side is done. Turn me over.”  Having a deep faith and a sense of humor has helped me through the difficult times in my life.  

Friday, September 30, 2016

Johnny Appleseed Day

Written by Jean Allman

SPX kindergarten kids celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day! To prepare for the celebration ,last week they made hats that imitated the tin pot Johnny wore on his head, read stories to learn about Johnny, and learned a song praising God for apples.  Monday morning the children arrived with a peeled, chopped apple to contribute to the pot of what would become applesauce. Brendan suggested adding cinnamon to the apples, Andre suggested adding sugar, and Lang suggested adding water.  All ingredients were stirred together in the crock pot and left to cook while the students focused on other apple themed  exercises.

To practice the skill of sequencing a story, students cut out and glued in order pictures from the story of Johnny's life.To explore the science of apples, students participated in an interactive game on the whiteboard as a follow up to viewing a 3 minute video about apple growing.

Finally, the applesauce was ready. Each student got a small cup of their class made applesauce.  Now they could experience several senses at work.  Uumm, it smelled so good while it was cooking; did it feel hot or cold on the tongue; did it taste sweet or sour; did it look lumpy or smooth.  As our celebration ended, students could be seen finishing up their applesauce and heard singing the Johnny Appleseed song.
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