Thursday, January 19, 2017

UPDATE on Ecuadorian Earthquake Donations

Written by Mrs. Estrada

Last June, St. Pius X Regional School came together and donated 680 items to the earthquake victims in Ecuador. The 7.8 earthquake claimed the lives of over 600 people, injured upwards of 28,000 people, and displaced over 26,000 people.  Refresh your memory on this event by reading our past blog post.

Mrs. Estrada, one of our Spanish teachers here at St. Pius X, got involved with this effort when her husband, who is originally from Ecuador, got word that the Ecuadorian Embassy would accept donations and send them to the earthquake victims. St. Pius X families jumped right in to help and donated an assortment of goods.

The General Consul of the Ecuadorian Embassy, Mr. Miguel A. Carbo Bendes, sent a heartfelt letter thanking all of the organizations who took the time to donate to this important humanitarian cause. His letter, along with a translation in English, can be found on the Spanish class bulletin boards that are located in the hallway directly before the 3A classroom. While there, check out the beautiful patterns made by our students. The 5th grade did a cultural lesson on patterns in grammar and related that to the colorful patterns in the weaving designs of the Otavalo Indians from Ecuador.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Season of Giving


We are collecting for TOYS FOR TOTS again this year. Please help us by sending in a new toy. All toys will be collected and picked up by our local police officers where they will be given out at the police station to many children in our area. Boxes will be located in the front lobby for collection. Please make sure the toys are not wrapped. Please return all donated toys to school by Wednesday, December 14th.


This year, St. Pius X Regional School participated in a Christmas project to help the homeless. The organization S.O.M.E., So Others Might Eat, asked for our assistance in providing gifts for the homeless.  Each shoebox gift contained the following items: shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap (regular size), comb/and or brush, razors, knit hat, scarf, socks, gloves, deodorant, lotion, and underwear.  Thank you to all our families that donated.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Flea on Santa's Tree

Written by Debbie Kucevich

The kindergarten classes are busy practicing for their upcoming Christmas Play,"The Flea on Santa's Tree".  Mrs. Seppi and the children will present their performance on Thursday, December 15th.  All the actors have been busy practicing their parts in the play.   The performance should a fun and festive.   Here are some photos of the KB Kids at their practice.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Case of the Purloined Purple Clipboard

A crime occurred in room 7B last week!  Ms. Feronti’s precious purple clipboard was stolen.

Six St. Pius teachers were named as suspects in the crime: Mrs. Baden, Mrs. Farina, Mrs. McGinnis, Mrs. Neitzey, Mrs. Prendergast, and Ms. Kucevich.

Students examined the crime scene and made observations about the evidence that was left behind in room 7B.  Students also scrutinized the suspects’ profiles, and conducted interviews with the suspects about their whereabouts at the time of the crime.  Officer Stephen McGinnis also spoke with students about how to examine evidence and conduct an investigation.  In Mrs. Norris’ science class, the students analyzed the evidence in the “crime lab” to determine which evidence pointed to the criminal.  In Mrs. McGinnis’ social studies class, students created maps of St. Pius which corresponded with route 450.  Students utilized their knowledge of directions, and clues that were provided around the school to locate the missing clip board.  Finally, students had to submit their crime report to Ms. Feronti, explaining who stole the clipboard, why the clipboard was stolen, and how the crime was committed.  It was revealed, finally, on Thursday, November 17, that Mrs. Baden, stole the beloved clip board, and that the clip board was stashed in the SSC.

The activity was engaging for both students and teachers.  It was an exciting cross-curricular collaboration that we hope to continue in the future.

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