Friday, May 5, 2017

2nd Grade Steps Back in Time

Compiled by Mrs. Grogan

The second graders enjoyed their field trip to Mount Vernon on April 27, 2017! The next day, the children wrote stories about their experiences. By George, did they have highlights to share…

Experiencing an 18th Century Lifestyle: 

“I liked seeing how George Washington lived.”

“I liked the man playing the flute and drums.”

“The thing I liked was the blacksmith house. He was making a hook.”

“There was a show. It was a nice sunny day.”

Exploring the Mount Vernon Estate: ⭐

“I liked the tour of the mansion.”

“I liked the library... It had a lot of books.”
“I liked the gardens.”

“We went down by the Potomac River.”

“I saw George Washington’s riding chair.”

“He had a million chairs on the porch!”

“His front yard was so big!”

“I saw the bridge. It was kinda wiggly.”

“The sixteen-sided barn was so so stinky.”

“We skipped and jumped and played with our friends!”

Discovering Local Fauna: 

“George and Martha Washington must have loved animals!”

“I saw a black snake. It was slithering.”
“I saw sheep in the garden.”

“We saw goats and pigs, and they were sweet and nice!”

“There were two piglets.”

“The sheep were soft and the baby pigs were cute.”

Overall Experience: 

“I had so much fun at Mount Vernon!”

“My favorite part was everything.”

We were also excited to learn that Harrison Howell Dodge, the great great great great grandfather of one of our second graders, Isabella, was the Resident Director of the estate for 52 years from 1885 to 1937.

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